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Dear friends of active lifestyle, Wherever your legs may carry you, don’t let slip the opportunity to come and enjoy the unique beauty of South Bohemia, the best area for your run, long or short, dynamic or endurance. It is the region of South Bohemia where you will find plenty of places suitable for running, and do something for your health, peaceful mind and spend the time relaxing in an active way. The South Bohemia is sure to satisfy needs of every runner, whether in favour of soft or hard surface, flatland or hills. There are unbelievable 5 000 km of cyclists routes, 5 720 km marked tourist trails and lots of places to start heading for new discoveries. After your run, you can relax in a number of wellness centres, most of which are part of accommodation facilities. If you wish to stay longer, high quality spas in Třeboň, Vráž by Písek and Bechyně, are ready to offer you relaxation. Every runner needs to restore energy and get high quality food. You won’t be disappointed in South Bohemia. Dishes of all kinds and cuisines are served in our restaurants to the satisfaction of visitors. In this brochure you will find ten tips for adult runners and ten tips for parents with children. There may appear a new champion among us! See you running in South Bohemia!

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