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If you set out for the South Bohemian countryside, its clean air will breathe into you the atmosphere of an unspoiled way of life. Allow yourself to be suffused with the local tranquillity and ease, and throw your daily cares to the wind, for a few days at least. Visit the picturesque Rustic Baroque-style villages set in pristine wilderness, nestled among deep forests, expansive meadows, and South Bohemian ponds. This country atmosphere is the origin of the fundamental ingredients that create our daily fare. Discover the methods of processing grain, be at the genesis of cheese, or try your hand at spinning wool on a spinning wheel. Your little ones especially will delight in direct contact with farm animals. Travel back in time with the multitude of museums that capture traditional ways of life with demonstrations of period crafts. Where else would you look for a peaceful spot to relax than in solitude by the forest? Take advantage of the offers of enchanting accommodation in small boarding houses, cottages, lodges, or right on a farm. Roosters will be your alarm clock, you’ll be served delicious milk or fresh eggs, and you can bring back a basket full of mushrooms from the woods. Folk events have been linked to the country since time immemorial, and many of them have survived to this day in South Bohemia. Experience an unforgettable spectacle with Shrovetide processions, the raising of a maypole, or the celebration of the end of the harvest. Currently enjoying a tremendous upsurge, farmers markets offer you the opportunity to purchase quality regional foods directly from the producer.

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